I, Sky MacDavey, being of sound mind, and of sound nature have decided to start a blog in order to document and detail the stories of dogs that I meet in the street, as the name of this blog so aptly applies.

Having the misfortune of living in extremely small quarters means that I am unable to own a dog, or many packs of dogs. Thus, I must accost people on the street, and plead with them to let me pat their pooches, in order to get my dog fix for the day.

Additional consequences of my aforementioned misfortune include, but are not limited to: buying almost every dog encyclopaedia; Caesar Milan book; dog help book; dog training book; dog photographic book and practically any other dog related literature that I find, as well as becoming overwhelmingly emotional when seeing almost any advertisement that involves dog food, or even features a dog (anyone remember that RSPCA add with the little dog busking? I estimate that used about $150 of tissues in order to soak up the inordinate number of tears that would swell down my face when that particular advertisement came on, as well as becoming majorly dehydrated). Additionally, I am prone to casually strolling into dog parks in order to mercilessly and intensely stare at any dogs playing, as if trying to draw them to me with my mind powers. Occasionally I get lucky, and try and make mundane conversation with the owners in order to keep them standing there for as long as possible whilst I indulge in the presence of their canine companion, trying desperately to make it look like I am interested in whatever they are saying, or trying to legitimately explain my presence in the dog park, without a dog.

Essentially this blog is to make my dog stalking seem like it has a purpose of some kind. It doesn’t. It just gives me a better excuse to take pictures of people’s dogs, and not seem as weird when I ask to take a selfie with them.





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