Melbourne Dog Lovers Show #1

Dog Lovers Show #1


Ever since my wonderful dad (affectionately nicknamed did, perhaps an uncanny indicator that I would one day wish to take up residence in New Zealand) started encouraging me (harassing would be the better word, but one must be polite in one’s blog) to start thisblog, I have wondered which of the many dogs I have met and photographed I should cover. After some very lively and intense internal debate it was decided that the Dog Lovers Show would be a good place to start.


The Dog Lovers show is mecca to dog lovers like myself. So it was a huge delight to get a call from my lovely friend Josie asking if I would like to attend with her. After some initial confusion as to where the venue actually was, I finally arrived, and did what I believe to be an amazing job of keeping myself in check after spotting a Dalmatian, and a Rhodesian ridgeback racing around outside. And inside, oh my goodness, inside it was heaven.


There were stalls everywhere with everything from pet photographers, specialist organic dog food lines, the latest ranges of dog fashions and home goods, as well as pet nutritionists, emergency vets, and a dog masseuse (which I’m particularly interested in, I mean what kind of training does one need to became a dog masseuse – you essentially get to pet dogs all day long, its like the best job ever, I would be amazing at it. You should hire me). There was even a Dyson stall -as in the vacuum cleaners – showcasing an array of dog hair removal and grooming tools.


And the dogs, oh my, the dogs! They were all over the place. You could for a gold coin donation go and hang out with a pug (all proceeds going to a pug rescue organization). There was what I believe to be an inordinate amount of Burmese Mountain Dogs all around the place, as well as Greyhound Rescue stall– featuring an congregation of greyhounds all lounging around in a rather lethargic manner (I actually even started to become slightly skeptical that these couch potatoes could even walk let alone run at impressive speeds). Naturally there were many rescue organisations around with various wonderful rescue dogs, and some very adorable puppies.


Now every dog is different and has something that makes it intrinsically special, so instead of bombarding this blog post with several different pictures of all the lovely dogs, I have decided to cover the dog show over several posts and feature one lovely dog per post.


So without further a do, I would like to feature the very beautiful Irish Wolf hound, Seamus. For some reason the Irish Wolfhound reminds me of my father (aka did). I’m not sure why – he isn’t especially tall (sorry did, but neither am I), but he does have lovely salt and pepper hair, much like the Irish Wolfhounds (though dad has considerably less hair – sorry again did). I think Irish Wolfhounds look like they have a rather curious but brilliant sense of humor – also a feature they share with my lovely father. And craggily eyebrows (sorry did, this really is suppose to be complimentary, I promise).


This in particular Irish Wolfhound was a magnificent specimen, he was huge, with big paws, and like the greyhounds was lounging around on the ground just waiting for people like me to swoop over and rightfully worship him.His face was immensely expressive and looked like he was omnipotent – I recall continually requesting him to imbue me with his ancient Celtic Wisdom whilst stroking his beautiful shaggy fur.


All dog lovers know that occasionally, when you are very lucky, you and a dog can share a moment, through which passes immense and significant emotion – in one 30 Rock Episode, Rachel Dratch playing the ungainly cat wrangler tells the shows protagonist, Liz Lemon that cats are ‘very good at sensing debilitating loneliness in a person’ (, I don’t know about you, but none of the cats that I’ve ever met have given me any indication that they’ve known I was crippling lonely (or if they did, they were most certainly indifferent to it). Dogs, however,  can sense loneliness in a human being and after thousands of years of our dual companionship they seem to know how to make us feel better. I was very fortunate to share such a moment with this truly magnificent creature, through which a communication was passed that only one who has experienced this moment knows cannot be described. It was a very beautiful experience.


Seamus, is the beautiful mascot of FoodiePooch, a wonderful local natural and nutritious pet food line, it’s also human grade so if you’re feeling especially hungry and the fridge is empty….! If you are unlike me and are blessed with a canine (or feline) friend, you really should go and visit them, they also have a wonderful blog packed filled with nutritional information and recipe suggestions, such as a grain free choc-coconut dog cake which is here (which actually sounds really tasty). I’d like to thank them for being there and bringing the very handsome Seamus, his presence gave me comfort in a time when comfort was greatly needed, and I can assure you that once I am bestowed with my own canine I will be a frequent customer! You can visit their website here and their Facebook page here!


seamus the wolfound_Fotor Seamus_Fotor_Fotor




One thought on “Melbourne Dog Lovers Show #1

  1. Excellent, love you, love our dogs. Five at home tonight puppy sitting Carly & Dean’s Boxers, plus our two JR’s & Jug, slobber, snot, dirt & manky bone heaven. Plus two black cats & one tortie in the special cat’s room (with heater). Not one beastie spoilt here (said no one ever) xxoo


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