French Bulldog Adventures

I recently had the privilege to meet for the very first time a dapper little gentleman, it was the unmistakably gorgeous French Bulldog. I love all creatures big and small, but I must admit when it comes to dogs, I do have a tendency to lean towards bigger dogs (more dog to cuddle I guess). A few years ago, one of my coworkers insisted that we look up pictures of baby pugs. I honestly (and all pug lovers out there please forgive me for this terrible oversight) did not see the appeal. Those mushed up little faces, I mean there are constant toilet paper adverts with Labrador puppies, and let’s face it: you truly have to be a monster to not go crazy for a Labrador puppy. So in comparison to those rollicking puppies rolling in extra soft, 3 ply, toilet paper, I was a little confused at the pug appeal.


But slowly the sight of those squished up little faces grew on me. I mean, that golden fur, those little black faces, the snorting noises, that waddling little walk and the loud snoring! Adorable right? And suddenly, I was totally in love with the pug, and all those beautiful brachycephalic dogs became unbearably gorgeous.

–  I know that brachycephalic dogs can sometimes have immense difficulty breathing and I am by no means ignoring that fact. Obviously there are lots of wonderful guardians of this breed who attempt to make sure this doesn’t keep happening. Another reason to avoid pet stores.


The French Bulldog is a breed that I have only been aware of for the last few years. As mentioned in my first post, I live in an area way to small to own my own canine companion, but I buckle at the knees with the idea of having a little Frenchie to keep me company.


I would look so good! I can picture it now: walking to the local coffee shop (Lady Bower) with my Frenchie in tote, strolling along at a perfect heel, wearing Mac’s Ruby Woo, a long scarf and a beret, one of those coats that wrap around you. Ordering a fancy coffee ‘double strength piccolo latte thanks’, kidding – I don’t drink coffee, but let’s roll with this.


Note: I know that a dog is NOT a fashion statement, but a serious commitment. But you have to admit it: those dogs would make you dress at least 45 – 55% better than you do now. Dogs make you better people, so why not better dressers?


I spent ages outside a café patting this particular dog, and forgot to ask the owner to tell me a funny story about his dog. So all I am left with instead is this vaguely stalkerish picture of this beautiful creature out on the street basking in the sun.

Maybe I should consider a career as a private eye.



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