Blog Guilt/Pit bull pulchritude

You know when you start something, and it goes great for the first little while, and you think you’ve got into the swing of things (you’re pretty on top of life), and then you stop?

And it becomes still and silent. And the stillness and silence builds, and builds, until its this great big, colossal living element; that stands on the edge of a precipice. And the precipice is endless blackness, darker than pitch. If you dropped a rock into the precipice it would fall continually forever, never ceasing its downward spiral. This silent stillness is all consuming, I mean, if you so much as inhale you will be absorbed into it and suddenly existence will cease.

……essentially that’s what happened with this blog. I had an amazing plan: I would TOTALLY post every two weeks or so. You know, maybe even every week.
And then life uh, uh….found a way (Amazing Jeff Goldblum/Jurassic park reference).
Suddenly before I knew it, weeks had gone by and the silence had grown immense. It became this stressful burden that I carried with me everywhere; just like the crushing knowledge of my own mortality, sitting on my chest: skeletal, but immeasurable in weight.
I began to ignore the blog, I was too busy! I had life things, you know? Paying bills, doing the washing, hiding under the covers pretending that I don’t exist, cleaning the bathroom, sobbing in the shower after becoming overwhelmed with life and all its vastness, doing the groceries… But ignoring the blog wouldn’t work. I could see the blogs Facebook page every single time I logged onto Facebook. The blog would taunt me with its endearing thumbnail.
Finally I realised I should probably just post something.IMG_0046
Here is a picture of Shadow Junior! He is a pit bull staffy cross, and is the most loveable dope on the the planet. He is also super good-looking. I strongly believe that the prejudice against pit bulls is ridiculous hearsay blown way out of proportion. I personally believe that maltese terriers are more vicious than pitbulls, and that it’s the owners who are responsible and at fault, not the dog.
Hopefully my next blog post won’t be drenched with guilt about not posting as regularly/embarrassment at having set up a blog and been insistent on friends and relatives reading it…

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