Fabulous Frenchy

I firmly believe that dogs should be allowed everywhere. Lawyers offices, doctors offices, bike shops, video arcades. You name the place, the dog should be there (with the exception of pounds. I think no dog should be in a pound it should be in a home).

Unfortunately ‘society’ and ‘the man’ don’t agree with this course of thinking. (I’m kidding about the man part by the way, I’ve never met the man. But if he liked dogs I’m sure he’d get along like a house on fire, or whatever). But every now and then we get a few rebel heroes in our midst!

After a pleasant day with my soon to be sister-in-laws, we decided that splitting of a bottle of wine would be the perfect way to end a brilliant day. As we were walking through the pub garden, we spotted this handsome fellow! Look at his face!!! Isn’t he just the best!? That is a rhetorical question by the way. He is the best. He’s better than you. He’s better than all of us. If he was president of the world, there would be no wars.

His owners had basically been like ‘hey society, fuck you, our dog is coming to the pub to be fabulous and there is nothing you can do about it. Your move’. Apparently everyone kept coming up to pat the dog, so basically it was the best free advertising that pub ever got.

What the owners don’t know is that we secretly ensured a spot so we could continue to spy on the dog from above. But how could you blame us?!

IMG_6341 IMG_7562 IMG_8267


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