DIMITS Wedding Edition!!

Welcome to the wedding edition of Dogs I Meet In the Street!
For those of you hoping for an actual wedding featuring two dogs getting married, I’m going to disappoint you…sorry 😦
For those of you who are expecting a dog to be at my wedding, you’ve hit the jackpot!
Over the Easter long weekend, I got married to my partner in crime. Its been a glorious five years of me causing trouble, and him putting up with it.
Our wedding would never have taken place if dogs weren’t somehow involved.
This extra special guy’s name is Sammy. He was my granddad’s dog. My granddad and I shared a deep love for canines. After my family dog died whilst I was in holiday in Vietnam he was, I can say with great certainty, the only family member who had an inking of what I was going through. His hug on my return is something that I remember to this day. 2015-04-0317.42.05edit1

Granddad hasn’t been with us for a few years now. But his rescued dog Sammy is, and so I insisted that he be present at wedding! He stayed in the family because granddad wouldn’t have had it any other way! He’s spoilt rotten, and is seriously the coolest guy ever.

Thanks for helping celebrate Sammy!



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