Great Dane Grandiosity

This is Chief: 11046480_10153675624379466_2777880940591746852_n

Chief is actually a great dane bull arab cross. But you know, the title is everything and we ALL judge books by their covers/titles.
Don’t pretend its not true. You know it is. You can’t lie to me.
This glorious boy is now larger than me when I sit down and heavier than me too, and I lament the fact that I can no longer win the wrestling & kissing competitions that we did together in days of yore. Alas, age is a cruel mistress.
He is one of those dogs that is constantly joyful and always happy to bound around, strangely shaped ears flapping behind him, tongue lolling out.
I wish I could say that his gracious stride was a thing of glory, but unfortunately some of the nobility of the great dane seems to have escaped him and I have witnessed him many times mid run completely face plant.
One minute he’s striding, the next he gets caught on his own foot and suddenly tumbles over.
However, in the interest of being honest (which I am told frequently by my ‘peers’ is the best ‘policy’), I will admit to being less than the prima ballerina myself.
I too, have mid-walk tripped on something invisible (aka my own feet), and fallen down much to the amusement of my so called ‘friends’. I have also fallen off a completely stable chair and so I am probably unwise to throw pebbles in glass houses.
Here is a picture of me, and Chief’s mother and BFF, the absolutely stunning Josie. We’re obviously super enthusiastic about life
Chief is the little brother of Shadow, however two such magnificent dogs are worthy of their own separate musing, and I will not do them the injustice of combing their uniqueness into one tail (see what I did there).
Until next time, thank you for stopping by and perusing the musing of and want-to-be dog owner and current cat-slave.
(picture of slave masters included).

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