It’s so Fluffy I’m gonna die

I feel like I don’t really need to have some lengthy post on this particular blog. Because the title and picture are pretty self explanatory.

This was taken two years ago when my sister Josie and I went to the Melbourne Dog Lovers Show. We were figuratively like kids in the worlds biggest sweetie shop (throw back to my english slang there).We just did not know where to look. THERE WERE DOGS EVERYWHERE!!!!!

It was the bestest day ever. It was my first outing in awhile because as previously implied I suffer some particularly horrific and relatively soul crushing depression and had been in the middle of an episode. It was a really bad episode. I didn’t shower and my diet was pretty much oreos, and playing Child of Light obsessively. I also watched a whole bunch of Community.

So going to that Dog Lovers Show was something that put me back on track. I still suffer from really bad depression. And lately bad anxiety has decided to join the party, so I hope they’re just having a fucking whale of a time cruising around my head and body but I remain resilient.

I know there are therapy dogs, and so I have been wondering whether Australia does provide or have a service for people with mental illness, but you know you do a google search and you suddenly spiral into some unknown and dark corner of the internet.

Anyway. Here is this fluffy little angel that I got to snuggle for five minutes before it was crow wrenched away (not literally, figuratively). Because that is why you’re here right? To look at cute pictures of dogs!




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